Why can’t my editor peer-review my paper?

February 4, 2016

Dr. Jennifer C van Velkinburgh, Filipodia Publishing


An editor’s job is to help author(s) generate a clear and concise paper for subsequent submission to a peer reviewed journal. This work includes helping author(s) to accurately present their study’s objectives, design and data, and to interpret their results within the scope of their study design and within the context of the current literature. As such, an editor’s work represents a conflict of interest for acting as a peer reviewer of that manuscript – much as an author or an acknowledged contributor will have subtle biases that will influence their assessment of the paper and the study presented within.


While the Filipodia editor who services your manuscript will be an expert in your field and specific topic, their contribution to the textual and visual presentation of your study will preclude their ability to act as an unbiased judge of its quality and merit for publication. Thus, it is unethical for any editor who has performed work on a paper to serve as the peer reviewer of that paper.


Filipodia editors will never serve as a peer reviewer for any paper they have performed any form of service on. Moreover, Filipodia will not provide names of potential peer reviewers.