Science & Medicine Editing

Click here to submit your manuscript for evaluation of service. All submitted manuscripts will incur a $25 evaluation fee, which will be applied towards your bill upon acceptance of service.

Text Editing Services Available:

Copy-editingTurnaround Time: 2 days
grammar, spelling, punctuation, styleRUSH: 24 hours
Line editingTurnaround Time: 7 days
copy-editingRUSH: 2 days
plus word choice, consistency, accuracy
Content editingTurnaround Time: 7 days
line editingRUSH: 3 days
plus rewording
In-depth content editingTurnaround Time: 9 days
content editingRUSH: 4 days
plus rearranging of the text
RewritingTurnaround Time: 15 days
in-depth content editingRUSH: 7 days
plus dramatic restructuring of the document
Journal-specific formattingTurnaround Time: 2 days
References formattingTurnaround Time: 2 days