General Graphics Editing

February 4, 2018

R.T. Thomason, Ph.D., Figure Editor

Wow! We are already the beginning of February, hard to believe 2018 is in full swing. I’ve been working hard on a large center NIH proposal which is almost out the door. I thought I would dedicate this blog to discussing some thoughts when writing large proposals (which is directly linked to writing and formatting manuscripts). I had the unique opportunity to work with a graphic designer (who is not a trained scientist, per se, but works with scientists for most the most part) as we were putting together the proposal. The main thing I noticed is that the graphics editor kept things simple. At first, I thought “these figures are way too simple! The reviewers are going to laugh!” but after we placed them in the document and I saw how they gelled with the text, they began to grow on me. And honestly, having all figures that matched in color palette, graphics, fonts, etc., makes a world of difference for readability for a document. That comes back to most important thing to think about [channeling a blog post from a few months ago…] KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! (I know I am possibly wearing that phrase out, but it is so important and needs to be repeated).


We will continue with some New Year resolutions next time on It Figures…